Bulk SMS Service

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Easily integrate into your website/POS with our SMS Gateway API. That makes your work easier and faster with High Reliability!


Intelligent routing and better connectivity ensure your SMS follow the best path with the lowest latency to provide you with fast and successful delivery.
Bulk sms service


Our system supports longer than 160 characters without any hassle and extra setup. It will display your text the way you intended to

Our Pricing Plans


0.44 SMS

FREE API based solution
Unlimited masking facility
Support masking to all MNO
Approve masking within 7 days


0.20 SMS

FREE API based solution
Fixed & Dedicated Sender ID
Coverage to all local operators
Support Bangla & Dynamic SMS


0.22 SMS

FREE API based solution
OTP & Transactional SMS)
Delivery in less than 10 sec
Support Bangla & Dynamic SMS


0.16 SMS

Bulk SMS by XL/CSV/TXT file
Fixed & Dedicated Sender ID
Affordable corporate
Support Bangla & Dynamic SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a wide audience instantly, facilitating marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, event updates, and more.
You upload your recipient list and message to the service, which then sends the message to all recipients simultaneously through SMS gateways.

Yes, many bulk SMS services allow you to customize messages with recipient names or other personalized information.

Yes, many bulk SMS services offer integrations with CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and other marketing tools to streamline your campaigns.

Reliable providers offer customer support through email, chat, or phone to assist with any issues or inquiries you may have.
Dedicated Server